Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wildlife Patrol!

A couple of weeks ago (June 7th) we received the strangest call of an owl stuck in a car. The way it sounded the bird was either inside or stuck in the windshield. Above is Jessi (co-worker) and Amy (Law Enforcement) examining the bird while I take photographic evidence of the incident before Amy opens the car. After popping the hood I took the grill off while Jessi held the Hawk Owl. Extracting it from its cramped space we put the owl into a cardboard box with puncture holes for transportation to Fairbanks where it is being rehabilitated for trauma to the chest. It should be released in a few days.

Primarily of late I patrol for moose jams and make sure food is stored properly. Here is a small moose jam with a man I was about to go talk with about wildlife distances. Note the moose on the left a few yards from the photographer.

Sometimes I meet some interesting people. Here is what a couple of guys had driven up from Iowa.

More blogs in a couple of days about Wonder Lake and Puppies.

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