Monday, September 14, 2009

Dall Sheep, Coyotes, and Bears, Oh MY!

A few dall sheep wandering around Polychrome Mountain. These two year old coyotes are playing in the snow along Sable Pass.

Sow with spring cubs running around on top of Polychrome Mountain.

March/April Trip to Thorofare

This is the lower Toklat cabin.

Travelling up river across ice with a nice video below.

Bear investigating my sled with Denali in the background. Check out Remus with her face into the wind.

The dogs sleeping on the stake out lines at Thorofare cabin.


Muldrow glacier as we make our way back.

That is one tired puppy. Adama was the hardest working puppy on the trip and one of the hardest working dogs as well.

Arctic oven tent that we used after the first few nights of staying in a cabin. This time we stayed on the road at mile 53 (Toklat)

Apollo looking adorable. It was his first time to be in the truck box for the trip back to the dog yard. We were picked up at mile 22 then travelled North of the park back to Stampede Road.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Snowed in Bilbo

Jon, Guest, and Denali

The Bus and Puppies

Shushana Cabin

Apollo (7 month puppy) wanting to be pet

Snowed in Dogs

January Days Gone Bye!

Welcome to sleepy Healy, Alaska where even the locals aren't sure why there here. It is a beautiful central Alaskan winter day. The sun is shining (somewhere behind the mountain), the dogs are barking merrily (translates to "Help! Bring warm water, my tongue is frozen to my bowl again), and the day is calm (only a slight 15-20mph breeze), but the temperature leaves something to be desired. For about 2.5 weeks the temperature dipped below -40 F only to warm up for 5 days of 50 F.

While out enjoying a cool dog sled ride, the temperature dropped below -50 plus the slight breeze mentioned earlier. All told with the wind chill it was about -70 F. Just to clarify for the cold weather impaired that is 102 degrees below freezing. Oh no I've gone blind, wait wait sorry my eyes just froze together. Dang it now my hand is stuck; nope, sorry, only my mitten freezing to the handle bow. :) Water freezes so fast that it crackles to ice before touching the snow. It is amazing, beautiful, and cold. We have to take check the dogs feet periodically b/c the cold makes the snow turn so abrasive it can cut their feet. Frostbite is a constant concern (Jon, my boss, got a little) if anything is exposed for several minutes.

This winter was one of the most prolonged cold that even Alaskans were talking about the cold. The last time it was comparable was in the early 1980's. So the perfect time to become an Alaskan and spend the winter up here. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We'll keep the lights on for ya!

My cabin

Neighbor's Cars

Down the Road

This is a few shots from last night's northern lights. I was finally able to get my computer to work again today so I could post these pictures. The display was amazing early on with white, green, and the occasional red/purple. I was too awe struck to get my camera out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random Pictures!

I hope to add more soon. Construction has made using the internet...annoying.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pups on the move!

Me running pups

Anna (Kennels Staff)

Emily (Kennels Staff)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Few Adorable Puppies!

More to come later.

Wildlife Patrol!

A couple of weeks ago (June 7th) we received the strangest call of an owl stuck in a car. The way it sounded the bird was either inside or stuck in the windshield. Above is Jessi (co-worker) and Amy (Law Enforcement) examining the bird while I take photographic evidence of the incident before Amy opens the car. After popping the hood I took the grill off while Jessi held the Hawk Owl. Extracting it from its cramped space we put the owl into a cardboard box with puncture holes for transportation to Fairbanks where it is being rehabilitated for trauma to the chest. It should be released in a few days.

Primarily of late I patrol for moose jams and make sure food is stored properly. Here is a small moose jam with a man I was about to go talk with about wildlife distances. Note the moose on the left a few yards from the photographer.

Sometimes I meet some interesting people. Here is what a couple of guys had driven up from Iowa.

More blogs in a couple of days about Wonder Lake and Puppies.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A day in the life of a NPS sign!

Always forgotten and uncared for over the winter I sit in a metal Connex shipping container 6 months a year. I think the NPS rangers are under the impression I hibernate. Let me tell you it is cold! Imagine leaning against metal when it reaches -40. me chills just thinking about it.
But I digress. I have an interesting job and I can be very versatile. I wear many hats as it were, such as being a closure sign for a wolf den, a danger sign for moose calving or a bear kill, or a critical habitat sign. I get to see some interesting places, travel occasionally, and spend lots of time out in the park (including areas where only a few backpackers visit).
I really feel like I accomplish a great deal. I warn the public of dangers and I feel like I am personally protecting some of the parks amazing creatures. I get really upset when people just ignore me or feel like what I have to say doesn't apply to them. The rangers must like working with me since they seem to get upset when others don't heed my warnings. Also they always seem so happy when they are taking me out into the park. Although, I must admit, I am not a big fan of getting hit repeatedly on the head. I say to the rangers "Hey, that hurts", but it always comes out as "creak"...I must have suffered brain damage from all the hammering.

Here is a great photo of me soaking up the sun and scenery near the Teklanika bridge. I was protecting wolves that day...I know your jealous! :)

Here is one of my cousin, he was always the funny one. He drew on himself and was posted near the water to warn people about "Killer Beaver"...ha ha...killer beaver...only he would think of that...whew, well back to my story.
The other day I was posted a few miles beyond Toklat to let people know that I was protecting the Western boundary of a wolf den closure. Everything was normal for a few days, you know fun, sun, and sight-seeing. Then one day I was standing around minding my own business, when I was attacked from the back. I was clubbed on the back of the head and dragged away. Eventually (I presume a bear) chewed on me and reduced me to shreds. When the rangers came by to ask how I was doing, it took 30 minutes to locate me. They could not believe the damage so they took a picture of me. Look there I am torn apart on the ground (covered in teeth marks). Hmmm...this is kind of like an out of body experience.

So long all and good luck to all my brothers and sisters still out there fighting the good fight.

R.I.P. NPS sign R.I.P.