Saturday, February 28, 2009

January Days Gone Bye!

Welcome to sleepy Healy, Alaska where even the locals aren't sure why there here. It is a beautiful central Alaskan winter day. The sun is shining (somewhere behind the mountain), the dogs are barking merrily (translates to "Help! Bring warm water, my tongue is frozen to my bowl again), and the day is calm (only a slight 15-20mph breeze), but the temperature leaves something to be desired. For about 2.5 weeks the temperature dipped below -40 F only to warm up for 5 days of 50 F.

While out enjoying a cool dog sled ride, the temperature dropped below -50 plus the slight breeze mentioned earlier. All told with the wind chill it was about -70 F. Just to clarify for the cold weather impaired that is 102 degrees below freezing. Oh no I've gone blind, wait wait sorry my eyes just froze together. Dang it now my hand is stuck; nope, sorry, only my mitten freezing to the handle bow. :) Water freezes so fast that it crackles to ice before touching the snow. It is amazing, beautiful, and cold. We have to take check the dogs feet periodically b/c the cold makes the snow turn so abrasive it can cut their feet. Frostbite is a constant concern (Jon, my boss, got a little) if anything is exposed for several minutes.

This winter was one of the most prolonged cold that even Alaskans were talking about the cold. The last time it was comparable was in the early 1980's. So the perfect time to become an Alaskan and spend the winter up here. :)

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