Monday, September 14, 2009

March/April Trip to Thorofare

This is the lower Toklat cabin.

Travelling up river across ice with a nice video below.

Bear investigating my sled with Denali in the background. Check out Remus with her face into the wind.

The dogs sleeping on the stake out lines at Thorofare cabin.


Muldrow glacier as we make our way back.

That is one tired puppy. Adama was the hardest working puppy on the trip and one of the hardest working dogs as well.

Arctic oven tent that we used after the first few nights of staying in a cabin. This time we stayed on the road at mile 53 (Toklat)

Apollo looking adorable. It was his first time to be in the truck box for the trip back to the dog yard. We were picked up at mile 22 then travelled North of the park back to Stampede Road.

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