Saturday, June 02, 2007

Extreme Sports!!!

I believe that the brochures for South West Alaska should read: Welcome to Bush Alaska where even the mundane is extreme. In other words the people of Brooks Camp have developed a new sport, "Extreme Running". For this sport you need: running wear, bear spray, mp3 player (optional), and a prayer to some deity. Now the goal of this sport is to run a minimum distance of 3 miles without being mauled by a bear or the occasional rabid band of red squirrels.

Why its interesting: The first rule when in bear country is "Do Not Run from Bears" b/c they will see this as a sign of playing or that you are prey making them chase after you. Another fun thing to do, when your spaced out on the road to a good tune, is turn a corner to see a bear make a funny face and crap itself in fear, which is ironically the same thing you did. :)

In all honesty I do have to admit that being around people who are healthy or trying to be can make you start acting the same way. Thus I have been running 3-5 miles every other day for a few weeks. I did actually "run" into my first bear today just as I was finishing my run.

Today was one of the most beautiful since I have arrived. There was no wind blowing at 30 mph or more and the sun was out. Which is probably why the bear was stretching his legs and checking the lower river for Sockeye salmon (which should arrive in 2 weeks).

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