Monday, May 05, 2008

Bear Update

Well technically I am still in training, but I am now giving orientations to park and concession employees. This last week I went on a road patrol with my compatriots to place some area closure signs. These were to prevent people from hiking into areas where wolves are denning. Soon the some females should be having pups. I am really excited to monitor the dens and hopefully see the little guys walking around. Also the wolf that had a snare on its neck was darted and treated on Friday. This wolf looks like it is going to make it. Check out Fairbanks local newspaper from the previous week to see details on the story.

On our return trip I saw my first bear of the season. A male, who was looking quite healthy, but not the size of a Katmai bear. These bears get less food so they do not grow as large or congregate in mass numbers.

One day this weekend I shocked my eyes and ears with the hustle and bustle of city life that can only be described as Fairbanks, Alaska. With approximately 83,000 people you can just imagine this is like going to NYC especially when you have only seen 25 people in the last month. I could only brave this hectic conditions for a few hours which gave me enough time to shop for myself and two others (yes, it is required to buy for others if you go to town ;) ) and see Iron Man. Movies are a personal vice, but hey it could be worse and I don't get to town often. The rest of my weekend is was pretty relaxed except for Sunday.

Sunday started just like any other day, except this Sunday morning was rudely interrupted by lots of loud banging. Fortunately it was not a hangover (I quickly remembered I don't drink), but was just my roommate getting snow and mud off his boots before entering the house. Anyways it was time to get up b/c I was meeting several people for a hike up Mt. Healy. The journey was treacherous. Crossing vast ice sheets, raging rivers of snow melt, and daunting heights of snow and mud. Actually it was a great hike and let me get to know several people while enjoying a wonderful day. Sadly most of these people are heading out to the west side of the park next week. Curiously it strikes me as funny (odd) that you can get such a good tan when there is so much snow...who needs a beach.

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