Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ghost of Driving Past

I just wanted to add a little to the story and imagery of my drive up to Alaska. Mostly a few images :).

The drive up was beautiful. At Dawson Creek, British Columbia is historical mile zero which continues 1,390 miles through beautiful country, passing many animals living and splattered, ice, frost heaves, behind slow motor homes, terminating in Delta Junction, Alaska.

Along my trip I saw many sights including a strange and weird forest of unknown origin. Maybe it is just nature trying to blend in with human society. The natives I met called it a "Sign Forest", but I was unable to get a translation of this saying...maybe it means metal trees. :) This bizarre sight can be witnessed in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory.

I also say the usual Dall Sheep and Stone Sheep, which are the same except the latter has a brownish coat. Also a few...hundred buffalo. Try to find the Ptarmigan (pronounced Tarmigan) in the snow picture. Funny story: A city in Alaska argued so much over how to spell Ptarmigan as the city name that they gave up and called it Chicken. :)

I also captured a picture of the hideous fiend, monster of monster, most unholy creature from Monty Python and the Holy Grail...THE SNOWSHOE HARE! Alas Brian, standing "conveniently" two feet closer, was ravaged by the BEAST shortly after this picture and is presumed dead. Fortunately for those of you with a weak stomach the end came quick to Brian, the name I had given to the bush outside my house ;).

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